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Impressions Of Batsford Arboretum Photography Workshop

Impressionist and Abstract Photography Courses

Impressionist and Abstract Photography Workshops

Try Your Hand at Abstract Photography On Our One Day Photography Course

Located in the north Cotswolds, Batsford Arboretum is home to one of the largest private tree collections in the country. It offers visitors year round interest – from the spring blooms provided by the beautiful Japanese flowering cherries to autumn’s spectacular display of colour. Here you can wander through 56 acres of wild gardens, paths and streams and discover the beautiful oriental-influenced statues hidden in glades around the grounds.

You will learn…

  • Techniques and considerations of close ups
  • ICM (intentional camera movement)
  • Zoom bursts
  • Multiple exposures
  • Working with light & colour
  • Composition
  • Depth of field
  • Use of filters where applicable

Ability level

  • Intermediate plus – please call to discuss

Fitness level

  • Suitable for all


  • Andy Page

Workshop Details

Group Size

Max 6

2024 Dates

March 10th, March 23rd, April 13th, April 27th, May 12th, May 25th, June 9th, July 7th


One day
9:30am - 5pm


Deposit 30%

Meeting Place

Batsford Arboretum car park

Main Photographic Locations

Batsford Arboretum, Bourton Road, GL56 9AD


Photographic tuition & demonstrations, entrance to the arboretum


Transport to and from the venue, personal insurance, equipment insurance, lunch


Not included.

Waiting List

To be informed of new dates or cancellations please click the icon to fill out the waiting list form.


We recommend Staycation Plan for travel and equipment insurance. Click icon for more info.

Learn Abstract Photography Techniques in the Lovely Batsford Arboretum

Great patterns and colour

With such variety on offer, Batsford offers the photographer a wealth of opportunities in terms of graphic compositions and the chance to be creative with patterns, texture, colour and close-up detail.

Develop your creative eye

This fun and challenging one-day workshop has been designed to help you build upon your existing photographic skills by developing your creative eye, and helping you to look beyond the obvious.

Create abstract images

We will look initially at the composition and effective capture of close up images, with the emphasis on capturing shape, form and texture. You will then have the chance to experiment with ICM (intentional camera movement) and using techniques such as panning and zoom bursts to create some unique abstract images, and we will also be exploring in-camera multiple exposures. Experimentation is key here and you will be encouraged to find your own way of capturing the subject.

Batsford Arboretum Photography Workshop - General Information

This workshop is aimed at those looking to become more creative with their camera, though the use of ICM (Intentional Camera Movement), long exposures and multiple exposures. It will also focus on producing close up captures, utilising graphics, patterns and colour. You should have a good understanding of your camera and be confident with it before attending the workshop. If you are in any doubt if the workshop is suitable for you please call Sarah on 07760 498 112 to discuss. You will receive both practical and technical advice, as well as individual hands on guidance. There will also be demonstrations in the field.

We will meet at 9:30am at Batsford Arboretum for introductions and a brief of the day before commencing. Please ensure you are there promptly. There will be a break for lunch for 45 minutes (not included) The workshop will finish at approximately 5pm.

You will need to make your own way to and from Batsford. Once at the venue the entire day will be spent on foot.

A reasonable degree of fitness is required. The majority of the walking is on flat ground but the arboretum is quite extensive.

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera 


In order to get the very best from the Batsford Impressions workshops your camera needs have the following capabilities

    1. Multiple exposure feature for double/multiple exposure techniques. 
    2. Close-up or macro features for creative close-up/framing techniques. Longer focal lengths can be used as a substitute of sorts if there are no macro features
    3. ND (solid dark) filters for ICM (intentional camera movement) techniques though these may be loaned on the day if needed
    4. The option to choose custom white balance (KELVIN) colour temperature in camera for creative white balance techniques
    5. A manual zoom lens for zoom burst/zoom twist techniques. 


Before buying any equipment or if you are unsure of what to bring, please email sarah@imageseen.co.uk for more information.

Unless stated otherwise, group workshops will only operate with a minimum of four photographers. In the event of your workshop being cancelled by Sarah Howard due to there being less than four participants your payment will be refunded in full including your deposit.

Please ensure that you insure your photographic equipment. It is also recommended that you take out personal insurance in case you need to cancel. 

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