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Sarah Howard

I love sharing my knowledge and thoughts on the subject of landscape photography and often get asked to give photography talks to camera clubs and photographic societies, which I very much enjoy doing. It’s great to be able to spend a few hours with like-minded people and to speak on the subject that I am most passionate about. It’s also really satisfying if, at the end of a talk, someone comes up and says a personal thank you; “you made me think differently about my photography” or “you inspired me”. What could be better than that?

I have given well over 100 talks/presentations to date and can do so in person or online via Zoom. I currently have two for you to choose from.

If you belong to a camera club and think other members would be interested in a talk on landscape photography, please get in touch use the contact form or call me on 07760 498 112

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My presentations are available either via zoom or in person

Presentation 1

Landscape photography thoughts and techniques – this is a comprehensive talk that initially discusses some of the preparation and planning you can do prior to going out on location to help you get the best results. I move on to talk about the importance and impact of light in image making, and then in the second half to talk in depth about composition. I touch on introducing movement into your images and also the use of filters . This talk is around 110 minutes in two halves.

Presentation 2

Capturing Mood and Atmosphere in Landscapes –  this talk discusses what we mean by ‘mood and atmosphere’ in our photographs. What sort of conditions we can look for to help us create atmospheric images and how can we work with them, plus telling a story in our photographs. This talk is around 95-100 minutes total in two halves.

Photography talk feedback

Bob Goode

Stourport camera club

A huge thank you from Stourport. Last night was thoroughly enjoyable and your images were a refreshing change from the usual overprocessed landscape which is in vogue amongst club photographers at the moment. Their simplicity belies the work that has gone into their production which is what makes them so charming. After you had left we always end up chatting about the night and it was felt that your clear and unerring delivery made for such a great night; and whilst many of the points that you made were already known to us it was good to have our knowledge refreshed and enthusiasm re-ignited by the way in which you brought them together to orchestrate an image. Thank you.

Roger Matthews

Stroud Camera Club May 2021

Your talk was very well received and a number of members have contacted me already to say how much they enjoyed the evening. There was something in your talk for everyone and plenty of good advice along the way. Even those whose interests do not major on landscape photography will have enjoyed the window on a world that has been out of reach for too long.

It was a real treat and very inspiring Sarah. The feedback is really positive too. I think there will be loads of people out in the countryside this weekend …. It has given me plenty to think about and the inspiration to do more landscapes.

Alan Tunnicliffe

Newcastle Camera club

Thanks again for a lovely presentation - it was one of the very best we have seen in a long time.

Roni Veronica Barrett

Guildford camera club

Many thanks for the fabulous talk tonight. Members really enjoyed it and were both inspired and informed with your insight. 

Chris Andrews

Imagez camera club

Hi Sarah, Many thanks for an excellent presentation. Great locations, great images, and great advice. What more could we ask for!

Mike Cheeseman

Cirencester Camera Club

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