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Below you can view some feedback from our previous and regular participants.

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Linda NealLinda Neal
18:36 25 Nov 23
Three days of photography tuition in Northumberland with Sarah Howard have been full of fun and packed with progress. I’ve come home with some images to be proud of, and much more confidence in my own skills.
Richard PeaceyRichard Peacey
18:01 05 Nov 23
A brilliant day of photography. Even with rubbish weather.
Priya SivaPriya Siva
23:24 31 Oct 23
I did the Slovenian workshop with Sarah in October. Sarah is a fantastic tutor, excellent itinerary and the overall workshop exceeded my expectations.I have returned from this workshop with more confidence on my abilities to use the camera and the best portfolio of photographs.Thank you Sarah and Mark for giving me the opportunity to join the workshop and I look forward to many more in the future.
Ryan HarveyRyan Harvey
22:52 28 Oct 23
Very enjoyable and instructive workshop in the Neath Valley shooting waterfalls, despite the weather. Plenty of help and tuition, yet plenty of time to experiment. Relaxed and friendly, and not too technical. Would thoroughly recommend. Huge thanks to Sarah and Paul.
Graham OddeyGraham Oddey
08:30 12 Oct 23
Excellent Cotswolds workshop with Sarah, the third one I’ve done. As ever, Sarah took the time to understand what I and the other participants wanted from the day and tuned her approach to suit. Great fun, very useful and I learned a lot.
Malcolm LeaMalcolm Lea
17:05 06 Oct 23
Sarah is an engaging and talented photographer. Her Exmoor workshop was meticulously planned to encompass as many different locations as possible – whilst still giving time to enjoy and learn. A definite recommendation.
Ben CrippsBen Cripps
20:41 04 Oct 23
I’ve been fortunate to have been on numerous training events at ImageSeen, with either Andy or Sarah, from one-day to long weekend and one-to-one training workshops. Each event I’ve attended has been a pleasure, providing the right level of engagement and light-hearted fun, helping stoke your enthusiasm and creativity further.ImageSeen’s approach is to share their knowledge by doing, not copying, and combined with their patience, and it helps you learn and take home new skills and appreciation for the art of photography. Workshops with other like-minded friendly photographers are also helpful in that you often end up sharing ideas and thoughts.I’m hoping to attend more workshops with ImageSeen, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any interested photographer.Updated to say I’ve been on yet more photographic days and workshops, and they’ve all been great, fun learning experiences.
Philip WynnPhilip Wynn
10:23 16 Sep 23
What a great experience I had on a recent workshop with Sarah in the South-West. Good planning for locations and great support in developing my skills in landscape photography. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants to raise the bar in terms of their photographic skills and undertsanding of camera settings and filters.
Angela MacdonaldAngela Macdonald
15:58 28 Jun 23
Slovenia is a stunningly beautiful country and Sarah ensured that we saw plenty of it during our trip. She was constantly juggling our schedule to fit with the very changeable weather and, as a result, we came away with some great images and memories. As always, Sarah was so helpful with guidance and advice and helped me through several wobbly moments! Thanks so much for your patience, Sarah.
08:52 07 Jun 23
A really great workshop personally I learnt a lot. We worked hard from dawn to dusk. Taking in a great deal of the area in sometimesunfavourable conditions. Well planed and executed.Thank you Sarah & Mark
Robert EvansRobert Evans
18:42 05 Jun 23
I attended a one day course with Sarah at Image Seen. It was a wonderful experience, from the professionalism before the course to the advice and guidance on the day. Highly recommend a course with Image Seen. Sarah is very supportive and is an excellent communicator explaining the key photography concepts very well.Rob
laura goslinglaura gosling
16:19 05 Jun 23
Geoff BaileyGeoff Bailey
19:13 30 May 23
Waterfalls. A truly rewarding day expert tuition from true professionals. The best from a exceptionally happy apprentice
Antony RaggAntony Ragg
09:08 28 Apr 23
Many thanks, Sarah, for an excellent three days in North Yorkshire, based at Whitby. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop that you organised so well, together with Martin and Mark. Knowing all the best locations in the area she was able to give advice on the various composition possibilities and camera settings so that we were able to roam around and be creative. Questions were always answered in her friendly and knowledgeable style, all the time keeping an eye on our progress. She kept us informed of any weather-related changes to the plan and when to meet for the all-important picnic lunches provided. The critique sessions were very helpful, not just to have feedback on my efforts, but also to see what the others in the group had achieved. I would certainly recommend Sarah’s Image Seen courses and I’d love to go on another one. Thanks again Sarah.
Simon RichesSimon Riches
23:41 06 Mar 23
I attended Sarah’s Dorset workshop in March, this year. The information pack prior to the workshop was excellent and extremely helpful to get the most out of the event. Sarah knows here locations very well and picks accordingly on each day depending on the weather at the time. Sarah creates a very welcoming and supportitive environment for the attendees. Great for those wanting to learn and improve their landscape photography.
Chris SmythChris Smyth
16:08 06 Mar 23
Had a great time at the Image Seen workshop in Dorset. Sarah and Paul combined first class tuition with great locations at the best time of day. The whole thing re-energised my interest in photography as well as improving my overall level of skill.
Phil GriffithsPhil Griffiths
15:13 15 Aug 22
A huge thank you to Sarah for guiding us through the Exmoor workshop at the weekend. As usual Sarah planned the whole thing immaculately -timings, venues, refreshments etc – but this time with the added challenge of one of the hottest weekends on record. The contrasts made some of the shots quite tough, and the colours will look different as there’s not much green around at the moment! To pick out one of many highlights, Porlock Weir at sunrise was … just, wow! The whole experience was so valuable. Thanks also to Mark for driving us around the moors in air-conditioned bliss! Whether you already think of yourself as an expert, or someone like me who knows he has so much still to learn, you will just love Sarah’s calm, friendly, professional advice.I
Philip YetmanPhilip Yetman
10:44 24 Jun 22
Excellent tuition tailored to your own needs in well planned locations. All you need to do is turn up with your equipment and you are bound to finish with invaluable experience, having learnt something new, and a sense of achievement.
Rene CasonRene Cason
16:20 05 Jun 22
Had a terrific day in Waterfall Land with Sarah. Some excellent tuition accompanied by some excellent company and advice on composition. I believe everyone had a terrific day. I would definitely recommend this day.
Brian GarmanBrian Garman
19:18 28 May 22
Excellent day in the Cotswold with Sarah for my 121 workshop. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. She explained to me everything I needed to know in a very friendly way. I will definitely go on a another workshop of hers
Colin NashColin Nash
16:37 30 Mar 22
Recently went with Sarah on her Glencoe Workshop, second workshop I have done with her. Sarah had really done her research on the area and she took us to some wonderful locations in the area and at the right times to get the best shots. Some of these locations were literally a few meters walk from the road but that short distance made all the difference and opened up some great vistas of Rannoch Moor and Glencoe. Sarah makes sure all the participants get the right amount of support depending on their level of expertise and she is always there when you have a question. Oh and she provides some great lunches during the day. A truly great photography experience and something I will remember for a long time. Thanks for a fantastic workshop Sarah.
Chris KChris K
16:20 16 Mar 22
Another superb workshop, this time in the Lake District. Highly recommended for a variety of beautiful locations, presenting interesting challenges in early November light and weather conditions (the weather was good). Sarah’s encouragement and enthusiasm was, as ever, outstanding, adding to the enjoyment of a fun workshop with a great mix of clients.

A huge thank you to Sarah for guiding us through the Exmoor workshop at the weekend. As usual Sarah planned the whole thing immaculately -timings, venues, refreshments etc - but this time with the added challenge of one of the hottest weekends on record. The contrasts made some of the shots quite tough, and the colours will look different as there’s not much green around at the moment! To,pick,out one of many highlights, Porlock Weir at sunrise was … just, wow! The whole experience was so valuable. Thanks also to Mark for driving us around the moors in air-conditioned bliss! Whether you already think of yourself as an expert, or someone like me who knows he has so much still to learn, you will just love Sarah’s calm, friendly, professional advice.


I've been fortunate to have been on numerous training events at ImageSeen, with either Andy or Sarah, from one-day to long weekend and one-to-one training workshops. Each event I've attended has been a pleasure, providing the right level of engagement and light-hearted fun, helping stoke your enthusiasm and creativity further. ImageSeen's approach is to share their knowledge by doing, not copying, and combined with their patience, and it helps you learn and take home new skills and appreciation for the art of photography. Workshops with other like-minded friendly photographers are also helpful in that you often end up sharing ideas and thoughts. I'm hoping to attend more workshops with ImageSeen, and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to any interested photographer.

Ben Cripps

All Feedback

By Rosie: I found the whole experience first rate from being safely gathered from the airport to our amazing hotel. The group were friendly the locations were hand picked & gave masses of scope for experimenting,..the weather was challenging but the light after the rain was worth the wait. The tutoring was constructive & positive which I felt benefited me in particular. I would thoroughly recommend this company a wonderful experience.

By Chris: Yet another brilliant workshop, this time on Exmoor. Highly recommended for the variety of interesting and challenging (and beautiful) locations. Sarah’s encouragement and support was, as ever, brilliant and it was a fun way to brush up on old skills and learn one or two new ones.

By Rob Carpenter: Thanks to Sarah and Andy I had a brilliant day in the Cotswold villages and on the lavender farm. Important lessons were: patience, taking time to get the composition right in the camera then the freedom to experiment with ICM, zoom bursts etc on the farm.

By Nigel Goode: Thank you Sarah for an excellent day in the Cotswolds. The locations were excellent and your help and ideas great. Andy’s creative tuition was brilliant too, and really made us think outside the box.

By David Hughes: Really enjoyed the Long Exposure workshop with Andy Page. Faultless logistics coordination and some great venues to explore the potential of long exposure photography. Just 2 things I would suggest for improvements: 1) recommendation to bring more clothing for the end of day. 2) Not a great fan of the fish and chip shop in Burnham on Sea, but all else was brilliant.

By Vincent Lim: My wife and I are so happy and grateful that we have chosen to follow the South and North Cornwall workshop from 21-24 Apr and 26-29 Apr 2022 respectively. It was our first overseas trip since the pandemic. We flew 13 hours from Singapore to UK for these workshops. The get together and intro session set the pace and mood for the next few days. We started to know fellow photographers. We love the locations chosen and Sarah always explained her considerations such as weather, time of day in order to obtain best of the workshops. On location, she would explain to us the various composition possibilities and then allow us to roam around and be creative. Her coaching doesn’t restrict us to her perspective – rather, it allowed us to explore and guide us to better images. She is patient and professional in her mentoring. We love especially the critique session. It allowed us to show our creativities, obtained feedback and best of all, get to learn the different perspective from other photographers. Thank you once again Sarah. Sincerely appreciate many of your tips and guidance. Vincent and Siew Min, from Singapore.

By Colin Nash: Recently went with Sarah on her Glencoe Workshop, second workshop I have done with her. Sarah had really done her research on the area and she took us to some wonderful locations in the area and at the right times to get the best shots. Some of these locations were literally a few metres walk from the road but that short distance made all the difference and opened up some great vistas of Rannoch Moor and Glencoe. Sarah makes sure all the participants get the right amount of support depending on their level of expertise and she is always there when you have a question. Oh and she provides some great lunches during the day. A truly great photography experience and something I will remember for a long time. Thanks for a fantastic workshop Sarah.

By Richard Wynn-Jones: Another excellent workshop, this time in the Lakes. Sarah always knows the best locations and that extra view that may be round the corner. Her advice on exposure bracketing was very helpful.

By Phil G: Another super day with Sarah, this time in the spectacular Vale of Neath and its waterfalls. You just can’t beat an Image Seen workshop. Thanks Sarah,I think this lovely day may have rekindled my photography mojo!

By Tony MacAulay: Overall a good trip to Southwest Cornwall with some challenging weather conditions. Great help and advice from Sarah and Martin.

By Joanne Thompson: The Whitby trip was well organised with a variety of locations that could have been used with flexibility dependant on the weather. It was a good opportunity to photograph at sunrise and sunset. Sarah & Andy are both friendly and excellent teachers with a good knowledge of how to improve your photography and how to use different filters. The group dynamics made it a very enjoyable weekend.

By Ian Watt: Yorkshire’s Coastal Treasures – This was the first workshop I’ve attended which was run by Sarah and it was superb. Great choice of locations and with really good support and tuition throughout.

By David Johnston: Excellent one day workshop, well worth attending for anyone interested in Landscape photography.

By Linda N: Sarah and Andy definitely live up to the ImageSeen strapline, they really do help take your photography to the next level. From beginners to confident photographers, they have a way of suggesting how to adjust your approach to achieve better images. I’ve done day and residential workshops, and also online offers including critiques from Sarah, and always come away feeling more confident and more competent.

By Ben Cripps: I’ve been fortunate to have been on numerous training events at ImageSeen, with either Andy or Sarah, from one-day to long weekend and one-to-one training workshops. Each event I’ve attended has been a pleasure, providing the right level of engagement and light-hearted fun, helping stoke your enthusiasm and creativity further. ImageSeen’s approach is to share their knowledge by doing, not copying, and combined with their patience, and it helps you learn and take home new skills and appreciation for the art of photography. Workshops with other like-minded friendly photographers are also helpful in that you often end up sharing ideas and thoughts. I’m hoping to attend more workshops with ImageSeen, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any interested photographer.

By Chris Knight: Just back from three days in a blustery but mostly sunny south Cornwall. Sarah took us to carefully chosen locations at the right time of day for the best light, and her supportive and encouraging style made the whole workshop most enjoyable.

By Dawn Bates: Had a brilliant 1 to 1 session with Sarah in the Cotswolds. Patiently taking me through the capability of my camera, composition and how to plan my photograph to get the right picture. Thank you I now have a renewed appetite to get out there and take more photos. Would thoroughly recommend a 1 to 1 session with Sarah. Thank you!

By Rosie Collins: I’ve just returned from windy Swanage & have had the best visit Sarah you have the magic touch presenting us with marvellous shoots,masses of encouragement & then guidance when required which is always needed by me …the light is staying on for longer now with the help from you & Daniel.i can’t speak highly enough of Sarah’s Workshops which ever level you maybe at…all the venues have been reconnoitred all you have to do is sign up!! I’m so looking forward to Tuscany thank you again for such a great weekend. Rosie Collins..

By Chris Morvillo: Sarah — Many thanks for helping make my brief visit to the Cotswolds on a blustery January weekend so memorable. What a full and rewarding day of photography and conversation in this gorgeous corner of the world. Despite the challenging conditions and fickle light, I came away with several excellent images thanks to Sarah’s knowledge of both the craft and the area. I learned a ton and can’t wait to revisit this area with more time. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone at any level who is looking to improve their photography skills. Sarah is a talented and patient teacher and wonderful person to spend some time with. Looking forward to the next excursion with her!

By Julie Yates: I have recently returned from another fantastic workshop with Sarah, this time in Glencoe, I had such an amazing time with a great group of likeminded people. Sarah has such a lovely engaging style and really helps everyone get the most out of her workshops, whatever your previous experience, there is always something new to learn. Unlike other workshops I have been on, Sarah’s priority is her clients and this is obvious right from the start of the workshop. I came away truly inspired. Highly recommended.

By Paul Mallarini: Sarah is the consummate professional. Very friendly and able to teach. Her passion for the art is infectious and I have really enjoyed my workshops with her. Great locations with all of the guesswork taken out.

By Roisin Chambers: Thank you for introducing me to Whitby. What a great few days. The locations were beautiful and the opportunities to learn fantastic. Many thanks Roisin

By Rosie Collins: Thank you so much for yet another seamless workshop with Sarah in Yorkshire,it was wonderful to be able to spend three days dedicated to photography with loads of gentle tutoring..I have gained so much from Sarah’s mentoring which is showing up in my approach to photography & output! I’m looking forward to planning my next trip in the New Year .. Thank you Sarah Rosie C

By Derek Mason: A great few days with Sarah in testing conditions along the Yorkshire coast. Learnt some new ideas and was given encouragement about my photos. Well worth the three days spent on the workshop

By Jessie Pownall: Thank you for a fun and useful day in the Cotswolds I learnt so much in one day. How to view landscapes to find the best aspects before being (a happy snapper) and the best camera settings to give a good final result. Looking forward to my next workshop day with Sarah.

By BC Rigg: Thank you Sarah for the outstanding day we spent together shooting The Cotswold! Although I was only able to spend a single day in The Cotswold making photographs with you, it was a rewarding experience for my wife and myself. You led us to great locations. You helped me with my weakness in photography (composition) and shared quite a bit of your valuable experience with us. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you for a photography tour of The Cotswold and am considering working with you again in Tuscany. Thank you again, BC

By Scott Antony: Thank you Sarah (and Mark) for a wonderful week in Tuscany (May 2019) – not so much for the variable weather, which you adapted to well, but for a friendly group, first-class accommodation and your relaxed but always helpful approach built on the knowledge and experience you readily and clearly shared.

By Luciana Rizzi: I have just returned from a workshop with Sarah in Glencoe. This will be my second workshop with Image Seen and I cannot recommend it enough! The choice of locations and accomodation are excellent – Sarah is a wonderful and patient teacher – Unlike other workshops Sarah is not engrossed in taking her own images but she is on hand to help anyone who may need assistance – She is really, really good and I cannot wait to do another workshop with her!

By Terry Richer: I have just returned from one of Sarah’s three-day workshops in the Lake District. The whole experience was relaxed, informal, challenging and very rewarding. The weather was variable to say the least, we had it all, sun, rain, strong winds and snows blizzards. Each of which brought its own photographic challenges that Sarah met head on. The locations were stunning and the homemade soup we had for lunch was always most welcome. I can already see an improvement in my images when compared to some taken recently. I would highly recommend this workshop.

By Chris S: Having just attended Sarah’s three day workshop in the Lake District I can say with all honesty that my photography has improved immeasurably. I now have a significantly better eye for composition as well as a much clearer understanding of some of the more technical aspects of taking beautiful images. We spent time in some wonderful locations learning how to create inspirational images, making the best of available light, colour and scenery to create impact and mood. Even on the journey home I found myself looking at the landscapes and weather in a different and more creative way – can’t wait to get back out now and put some of it into practice!

By Lesley Moran: Just returned from an excellent workshop in South Cornwall. Spectacular landscape – beautiful coastline, lighthouses, beaches and picturesque harbours. I loved every minute! This is a workshop with Sarah that you don’t want to miss. Thank you.

By Malcolm Cole: Thanks Sarah. My first workshop ever and I am keen to do more. It seems South West Cornwall really is magical after all – I happier with my images than I could have hope for.

By Phil: If you want to improve your landscape photography, Sarah is the person to go to. Just back from 3 excellent days in glorious South West Cornwall, guided by Sarah. The locations were spectacular, and the way Sarah planned the trip and helped us to get the most from our photography was top class. Thanks, Sarah!

By Ian Johnson: Cotswolds 121 workshop September 13th 2018. Had a great day learning how to improve my landscape composition skills. I was able to draw on Sarah’s extensive experience in this field which has given me the confidence to make more time for landscapes. The use of filters was new to me and something that I will definitely continue going forwards. Very highly recommended.

By John Bannister: Friday 29th July 2018: 1-on-1 Workshop A fantastic day spent in the company of a very knowledgable and experienced teacher and photographer. I will remember her warmth, help, advice and encouragement that will remain with me for a long time to come. I will certainly never be able to take photographs in the old way ever again without hearing Sarah’s wise words and encouragement in my head to help me strive for better compositions in the future. Many thanks Sarah.

By Paul Lapworth: An excellent 1-2-1 session in the Cotswolds. Great location, great tutor, great advice. Highly recommended.

By Rpsie Collins: Thank you so much Sarah for such a marvellous trip,the scenery was just stunning,you made it seamless,iI just need twice as long as everyone else!that’s easily remedied by going again which I will most definitely do..many thanks Rosie x

By Derek: In six years I cannot remember having filled in a referendum. So my remarks apply to six events I have attended. Top marks for everything.

By Jennie Dobson: Thanks so much Sarah. The 1-2-1 was incredibly helpful – I don’t think I’m that easy to teach but your gentle, easy style made absolute sense. I’m delighted with my pictures now am so much more confident. I’ll never use Auto again!! X

By GRAHAM ODDEY: Thank you Sarah. My 1:1 Cotswolds workshop was exactly what I was looking for. Practical and inspiring.

By rick brightman: excellent workshop in Snowdonia with Sarah and Andy. Good variety of locations, all well researched.

By Nigel Holmes: Very enjoyable workshop at Glencoe. Stunning locations and lots of good advice from Sarah.

By Tom Nash: Excellent location, good accommodation with good food. All very well organised.

By Jas Harrar: Excellent workshop Sarah. Learnt a lot. All sites we photographed were breathtaking. I was worried about the weather, but that was just fine. Hotel was a good choice, great food! Thanks.

By Lesley: Thank you Sarah for a brilliant workshop in the Glen Coe area, Scotland. Always impressed with your research on locations you take us to. The weather proved excellent too and we had rainbows, cloud formations and very little rain. Result!

By Dave Young: Lake District March 2018: Really enjoyed the workshop and it was clear that Sarah and Martin had put a lot of thought into the itinerary and the running of the workshop. Good workshops don’t happen by chance. There was always help on hand if you needed it and plenty of encouragement to experiment. My third workshop with ImageSeen and hopefully not the last.

By Gordon Templeton: Great long weekend in the Lake District. Stunning locations on two good weather days and worthwhile outings on the one dull and damp middle day. Plenty of useful guidance and advice from Sarah and Martin. Enjoyable time spent with a small group of like minded enthusiasts. Highly recommended – many thanks Sarah.

By Colin Nash: Just back from a wonderful 3 day’s photography in the Lake District with Sarah and Martin. I found it both instructive and a lot of fun. It was a well organised Workshop with plenty to do and they were able to quickly adjust the schedule when the lovely weather in the Lakes changed, as it does. Both Sarah and Martin were able to work with the various levels of expertise in our group and they made sure that we all got our fair share of advice and encouragement. Highly recommended and I really hope to be able to do another one with Image Seen in the future. Thanks for a great time Sarah.

By Matt Asman: Thanks for a great workshop in The Lake District. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and my thanks to Sarah and Martin for looking after us so well. It was very rewarding to be able to bring back some images of really great locations and a wonderful reminder of the inspiration that attending a photography workshop can bring to your life.

By Robin Hall: Having just returned from the first Glencoe Workshop I can only say I had a fantastic few days, with brilliant, breathtaking locations, which even in mist and rain cannot be diminished as it just creates a different mood to capture. Instruction as always to a very high standard, critique sessions that really help whether its improving exposure techniques or general composition improvement its all there. Note: The varied soups are excellent to.

By Luciana Rizzi: Sarah, thank you so much for the wonderful few days in the Lake District ! I love your calm, professional approach – You were on hand when I needed it some advice and help and very good company. The programme was excellent and I also enjoyed your honest critique in the evenings . I met really great people and I am looking forward to book other workshops in the new year.

By Emma Seymour: My Dad and I did your Autumn Colours course at Westonbirt for his 70th Birthday. We had an amazing day! We have a completely opposite photography skill set, my Dad is technical and I’m more creative and you managed to teach us both to improve our images. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and enthusiasm.

By Dawn Bates: I attended the Autumn colours at Westonbirt. Excellent workshop with Sarah and Andy. I learnt so much more about composition and features and capability of my camera that I didn’t realize it could do. Looking at which Workshop to attend next!

By Stuart Barnes: The workshop I attended delivered on the published course aims and objectives. The tutor was friendly, passionate about the course objectives. The course had a good balance between making time to use the camera and spending time informally chatting about the challenges of doing so. I think that if you are honest to your self about your photographic virtues and the challenges you have and marry these with the course description you will almost certainly find a good value, helpful course in an relaxed learning environment using Image Seen.

By Sandy Whitton: A really informative day, learned lots and now have the confidence to use my AV mode,different focus points, light & composition to take my photography to the next level…….thank you Sarah

By Geoff Tyler: Thank for an informative and enjoyable day. As a novice I picked a lot of useful information about to get the best results from my camera whilst recognising that I will never be an expert.

By Paul Goby: A great day at Westonbirt exploring impressions. Thank you Andy for your enthusiasm and expertise! Lots learnt.

By Janie: Just completed a great workshop at Westonbirt with Andy Page, using creative landscape techniques. It was fun, informal, informative and inspirational. And I got some god images. I would do it again anytime.

By Phil Allen: This was my 4th workshop and the 2nd visit to the South Wales Waterfalls. Thanks to Sarah, Martin and the other participants, I really enjoyed the experience. The atmosphere of the entire workshop was really friendly. I also gained more knowledge and understanding of camera techniques especially long exposures than I could ever have learned myself.

By Julie Steele: Just finished a superb workshop in Tuscany, Italy. We visited spectacular locations in a wonderful landscape. The photographic opportunities were excellent, Sarah and Mark helpful at all times. And…I returned inspired!

By Val: Just enjoyed the long exposure workshop on the north Somerset coast. Despite the weather perhaps not being ideal I came back deighted with my images which was due to the quality of instruction (and enthusiasm!) of our tutor Any Page, thank you.

By Jpm: Dorney Lake is an excellent venue. Paul Mitchell is an inspiring tutor/guide. My experience would encourage me to try other Image Seen Workshops as this was excellent value for money. Member RPS

By Paul Goby: An inspiring day at Dorney Lake on 23 March. An interesting and inspiring introduction to abstract landscape photography at a superb new (to me) venue with Paul Mitchell who is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day!

By Gavin Killip: I got everything that I hoped for: better understanding of my equipment; methodical instruction on how to compose and record better images; lots of opportunities to ask questions. Thank you, Sarah!

By Chris Knight: The workshop was brilliant – instructive, helpful, stimulating and good fun, all at the same time. I came away a better photographer, and with my enthusiasm for photography refreshed. I can see why people return to Image Seen to attend more workshops – and I have a funny feeling I’ll do the same.”

By Jim Gibson: Just returned from my sixth…..yes sixth workshop with Imageseen. Why so many workshops with the same company you may well ask? Simple really, they are meticulously planned, great locations, good value, but most of all great tutors that care about developing you as a photographer regardless of your previous experience. Every time I go in a workshop, I return with new skills and new thoughts about how to approach my photography in the future. Thoroughly recommended.

By Linda Given: Just completed my 10th workshop with Sarah in the Yorkshire Dales (23 June 2016). It was brilliant – well planned and organised, beautiful locations and great company. Sarah and Andy’s tuition was excellent as always – they patiently explained technicalities and advised on composition. Thank you both. I would certainly recommend Image Seen workshops if you want to improve your landscape photography and get to grips with your cameras.

By Charles Ashton: The other reviews say it all. The simple truth is if you want to improve your photography whatever your skill level then one of Sarah’s workshops is guaranteed to do just that. Highly enjoyable and recommended.

By Simon Walter: I have just completed my first Image Seen photography workshop, and I know this will not be the last! I had such a great time and appreciate the skills acquired to improve my work. I would gladly spend such an amount on equipment, so considering the benefit, absolute value for money and highly recommended. “Sarah, thank you for everything – can’t wait to book my next one when I’m back on the island!” All the best, Simon

By John Dean: Just returned from the “Image Seen” 3 day photo workshop in Northumberland. This was my third workshop and on each trip I am amazed and surprised now much my photography improves. Sarah deserves credit for her friendly helpful manner, her indepth knowledge of each stunning photographic area visited,and her excellant organisational skills employed to make the workshops run so smoothly. Overall they are just a joy to be on and a great chance to meet and learn from other like minded photographers. I would recomend to anyone.

By Colin Bowles: Just back from my second 3 day workshop with Sarah and team. Both have been enjoyable learning experiences. One reason Sarah’s workshops are a success is because she is an effective teacher. She knows her stuff AND is able to explain it -even the trickier concepts – in a straightforward manner. She has good people skills too: she helps people relax, encourages them to join in and allows them get on with it but at the same time monitors progress and makes suggestions for people to consider”

By Frank: Thank you Sarah for a very good workshop in The Lake District. I learnt a lot about composition and gained confidence with camera settings and manual focus. I think your workshops have a really good feel to them. I don’t find it easy to relax with people I don’t know well so thank you very much!

By Rosie Collins: Thank you so much Sarah for such a great Waterfall trip,my first attempt at landscape photography,I’m a confirmed junkie now I just love it..you & Andy gave me a huge amount of confidence I can’t wait for the next chance.

By Leonie Jennings: Great opportunity to get some personalised assistance on making the most of my new Nikon D5500. Sarah you were very patient, easy to understand (even for me an Aussie!) and gave lots of inspiring ideas about being more creative, Thanks for an enjoyable Cotswold shoot.

By Jim Gibson: Just completed my fifth Imageseen workshop up in Whitby and surrounding areas. This was a fantastic workshop made all the better by the enjoyable company of my fellow ‘togs’. Thank you James,Amanda,Colin and Martin. Sarah and her team once again worked hard to make sure that we got the best opportunities at all the locations we visited. Sarah’s unobtrusive and supportive teaching style was just right and helped me re-vitalize my photography again. Great value too! Looking forward to number 6 in 2016. Thank you Sarah.

By Tony Denchfield: My grateful thanks go to Sarah for a truly wonderful ‘one to one’ day in The Cotswolds. Having recently bought a new DSLR, I was finding that I could not get the amazing ‘front to back’ sharpness in my landscape images that I saw in so many books and magazines. I was beginning to think that there was something wrong with my camera or with the lenses. So during our initial chat over coffee I asked Sarah if she could show me how she set her camera up and took her own images. She was happy to do this and then took me through the same process on my camera, soon spotting the (many!) areas where I was going wrong. She also set my camera up so that it wasn’t ‘fighting’ what I was trying to achieve and showed me things on it that I didn’t know I had, and how to make the best use of them. Overall, it was a brilliant day out with Sarah who is great company and her style of teaching is very relaxed, making it so enjoyable. I came away from the day with the confidence to go out and use my new camera on my local landscape, as well as with three stunning images that I will happily display on my walls. I am now hoping to be able to attend one of Sarah’s workshops abroad.

By Barry Edwards: Exmoor Workshop, August 2015. A massive ‘thank-you’ to Sarah and Mark for a very informative and helpful weekend. I learned so much about how to use the camera as well as image composition in just two days. There is a long way to go for me so I’m sure I’ll be back for another session! A great weekend with like-minded people on the course as well and it was lots of fun.

By Ken Davis: I have been a keen amateur photographer for some years but felt that my landscape work was lacking in quality and composition. Along came Sarah Howard! and the first of two one to one landscape workshops. I can truthfully say that Sarah’s tuition is absolutely brilliant. Not only does she impart a wealth of knowledge but she has the ability to do so in a friendly but positive manor. Without hesitation I would recommend Sarah and Image Seen to anyone wanting to improve their landscape techniques.

By Neil Mountford: Cotswolds workshop July 9th-A really enjoyable day out with an excellent tutor, definitely increases the enthusiasm to spend more time out with the camera, but also to think more effectively about how to acquire a really good image.

By Robin Hall: Waterfall and Coastal landscape workshop June 2015. What a wonderful few days with excellent tuition from Sarah and fabulous locations to try everything out. I am already looking forward to my next workshop with Image Seen.

By Peter Tomlinson: Sarah, a massive thank you for the full day one-to-one Cotswolds workshop I took with you last week – I enjoyed it immensely and learnt so much from your quite outstanding combination of expertise and planning with moment-by-moment sensitivity in diagnosis, feedback and guidance – I don’t think I’ve met such an adept and empathetic coach. I thoroughly intend to come back for more!

By Tony Denchfield: Sarah was excellent, she managed to tailor her tuition to all the various needs of the group members. I never felt left out and she explained everything in a very straightforward, enthusiastic and understandable manner. I learnt a great deal in just one day. Everything was well planned and organised and it was a real pleasure to be in her company. I am looking forward to my next workshop with Sarah.

By Paul Goby: An excellent workshop in South Wales. Particularly good was the fact that the area had been checked the previous day and the itinerary was adjusted to get the best out of the weather and conditions. Sarah and her colleagues Martin and Martyn were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful throughout. Overall, a great couple of days which left me wanting to go back for more!

By Philip yetman: Sarah’s Yorkshire Coast workshop was really great. She is a natural teacher and managed to spend plenty of time with each student patiently helping everyone, whatever their level of expertise. There were plenty of fantastic locations and clearly much research and preparation had gone into the programme, so that we all learnt much besides having a very pleasant and inspirational few days.

By Jonathan Cruickshank: “Sarah, thanks for all the time spent with your wonderful team. Just to have that one on one time was so beneficial and enabled me to really develope my skills. I left after the three days just bursting with ideas and new information!

By Paul M Turner: Great weekend at Swanage! The light was flat but the technique and composition well taught. An excellent workshop! Well done, Sarah!

By Simon: An excellent day in the Cotswolds with highly skilled tutors. The weather was great, if a little chilly, and the landscape inspiring. This one day course is superb value for money and taught me a lot about composition and light.

By John Mathias: Excellent day! Sarah was flexible and helpful whilst actually making the arrangements for the appropriate day in the Cotswolds, great on the day and followed up afterwards. I’ve always wanted to use my camera “properly”, I feel so much more confident now having had Sarah’s patient and unobtrusive, yet “always there” tuition. At the introduction in the café I said that I didn’t know what I didn’t know about my camera or photography – now I know what I don’t know, but I can now do an awful lot more that when I started and get a photograph that is more than a snap! Thank you!

By Jason: Having just bought a DSLR and not knowing much about it, Sarah tailored the days 121 tuition to suit my needs. I must admit to being somewhat apprehensive about having eight hours of technical tuition, but Sarah delivered it in a very straight forward and relaxing manner. This made for a very satisfying and enjoyable day.

By Anonymous: We had a really instructive day in the Cotswolds – Sarah has just the right touch in advising and explaining, without being patronising, making it a very congenial, interactive day, with efficient but informal organisation, to make the most of it.

By Phil Griffiths: Just back from a great day with Sarah in the Cotswolds. As always, I came away having learned a lot. Sarah is a coach, advisor and expert, put all that together and it works so well. (July 2014)

By Lesley Moran: I completed my first overseas workshop with Sarah in the Ariege and didn’t want to come home! The accommodation was excellent and the photography used such interesting and diverse locations – views in the mountains of the Pyrenees, local Artisan markets, beautiful countryside, churches and villages together with very helpful individual tuition and critique sessions. I have also just completed the Peak District course which was excellent and really helped me get to grips with using ND grads in varied locations Many thanks again for two great courses!

By Joe: I’ve just returned from an excellent 2 day workshop in the Peak District. Sarah has a great teaching style, providing everyone with individual tuition within the group. There’s loads of opportunities to ask questions / improve technique. See you again soon, thanks!

By Linda Given: Just returned from a brilliant 5 day workshop in the Ariege in SW France with Sarah Howard of Image Seen. A beautiful part of France with wonderful and very varied locations. As ever Sarah’s tuition was excellent – she is so patient and explains the technicalities very clearly and is so helpful with composition. This is about my sixth workshop with Image Seen and I wish I was able to go to Tuscany with her in late October! Hopefully next year!

By Juliet Arden: A great trip to the Ariege,Midi Pyrenees with Sarah and Image Seen. Fabulous unspoilt scenery and highly recommended for all levels as Sarah is an excellent tutor and looks after us all.

By Martin Stubbings: I have just returned from a fantastic five days in the Ariège, in SW France near the Pyrenees with Image Seen, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The locations and tuition were really good, Sarah is an excellent tutor and always seems to know how best to help different people with their different needs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I’m looking forward to Tuscany next!!

By Mike WALKER: I would strongly recommend a 1-2-1 workshop with Sarah to anyone looking to improve their photography skills. I really enjoyed the workshop and and that my understanding and use of Filters, in particular, has greatly improved.

By mark kail: Cotswold workshop Dec. 2013. A well organized workshop with an attentive and professional instructor. Overall a very positive experience.

By Jim Ashton: Spring in The Lakes Workshop March 19th to 22nd 2014 The workshop very effectively gave me the tools and the knowledge to take my landscape photography from being a happy snapper to creating more pleasing and less amateur looking images. I leant a tremendous amount to hopefully improve my landscape photography from friendly, knowledgeable tutors. Both Sarah and Andy appeared to get real pleasure in imparting their wealth of technical knowledge and compositional ideas to us. This I found really motivational. Comments were always positive, even when I messed up and their positive guidance helped correct errors and move forward. The locations were excellent. They offered challenges in terms of composition and lighting, but, with Sarah and Andy’s guidance yielded some inspirational images. In conclusion a very well run workshop that was educational, motivational and inspirational.

By Peter Buckingham: Over the years I’ve attended a number workshops, and this was by far the best. I liked Sarah’s coaching style, you weren’t spoon fed, but help and guidance was there if, and when it was needed.

By Phil Price: I had a great morning at Westonbirt with Sarah. She is a natural teacher a gift not everybody has. We were a mixed group in terms of ability but Sarah`s sheer enthusiasm for photography, and her ability to teach us to open our eyes and senses to see what at first sight was not an easy subject to photograph was infectious. Most people can quickly learn to use a digital camera, but Sarah can teach composition and form which is much harder I came away inspired, and to try harder with my photography.

By Martin: I found Sarah a very patient and knowledgeable tutor with a good sense of humour. It’s obvious that she really enjoys taking pictures and during the day she shared some excellent images with us that she had taken during the day and earlier in the week at Westonbirt. I learn’t to walk round the trees to get the best vantage point, use a tripod / remote release for long exposure times and use an aperture to give a small or large depth of field. I’m looking forward to doing another assignment with her in the future.

By Mike Grove: I never knew how much more enjoyable my photography could be until I dared to have a few simple lessons from ImageSeen.

By Val Jenkins: I really enjoyed the Landscape Workshop. Sarah’s practical advice and support made it easy to learn and my photography skills improved greatly. I would whole heartedly recommend Sarah’s workshop.

By Linda Given: I have just returned from my third workshop with Sarah, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was extremely well planned. Sarah had taken a lot of time to recce locations and assess light and conditions. The locations chosen were spectacular and the teaching excellent. Sarah took a great deal of time with each of us, helping us to improve our shots, work on focussing, use of filters and composition. I could not fault it and am looking forward to doing another one!

By Clive Ormonde: Above average accommodation, good company, challenging locations, excellent tuition, and the best packed lunches of any workshop Ive been on!

By Lesley: I have now completed three residential workshops with Sarah, Dorset – from Coast to Country, Waterfall country and the Glamorgan Heritage coast, Exmoor and North Devon. All courses were very well organized taking account of the changes in weather, learning and ability levels of the people attending the course and maximising the light and time available by having prior knowledge of the area visited. All that is left for the photographer is to concentrate on taking the shots! I have enjoyed meeting like-minded people and the discussions we have had on our examples chosen to share with the group. Sarah’s easy and empathetic manner make the days spent highly enjoyable and an encouraging experience in developing your camera technique and composition. I whole-heartedly recommend them for both the beginner and experienced photographer.

By Mike Grove: Just half a day with Sarah at a couple of good locations taught me more than I ever learned about composition, exposure, etc, before. Well worth it – thank’s Sarah!

By alison: ‘a great day out’, at a good pace, plenty of time to set up shots, listen to advice and take it in, check everything is correct, and get some input, clearly delivered. There is no such thing as a stupid question for Sarah. She has the techy answers for those who want information delivered in that style, and for the rest of us, clear and simple guidance to get results. What more could anyone want? I will certainly be joining another workshop when time permits. Great job.

By John Ferry: Sarah, thank you for an excellent day. The workshop was relaxed and very informative, your enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject made the day so enjoyable, it flew by. Now I’m sure my composition and exposure techniques will vastly improve. I would certainly recommend any one of Sarah’s courses and I hope to take up a weekend course later in the year. Thanks again Sarah.

By Dave Gregory: I spent an incredibly pleasant day being taken around various delightful locations in the Cotswolds with a small group of enthusiasts of varying experience. Enough time was given at each stop to photograph the sights ever under the watchful and talented eye of Sarah Howard. She has a calm and unobtrusive teaching style, imparting information and answering questions with a friendly non-techy delivery, happy to pass on her considerable knowledge with patience and a smile. The day was well paced with minimum travelling time, plenty of rest stops and a scummy picnic next to a river. A great way to absorb photography techniques and tips. All in all the day was a delight

By Juliet: Sarah, you have a great knack of helping people with their failings and lack of seeing the best image, through to the excitement and pleasure of capturing something memorable. Always good company on the workshops too.

By Joe Abbott: I really enjoyed the landscape photography course in the lakes a few weeks ago. Sarah’s tuition was excellent, the small group meant that she could continually give individual feedback, which was great in view of different abilities/needs within the group. The image review sessions (where Sarah/other course members give constructive feedback on the best images) were particularly helpful. There was a great atmosphere on the course, and enjoyed visiting some of the local pubs for dinner in the evenings. I was really pleased with how my photography skills came on during the course, and am looking forward to the next one. Thanks!

By Andy Fewings: Thank you both, Sarah and Steve, for a great, fun weekend. It was my first workshop and has given me the confidence to go on and do more. Your workshops will surely be top of the list when I’m looking for the next one.

By Trevor Thomas: By Trevor Thomas: If you want to make really good progress with your photography, I can think of no better way than to enrol on one of the many courses run by Image Seen. Sarah has the ability to combine a relaxed atmosphere with a huge amount of knowledge of the subject and is able to pass that knowledge onto beginners, improvers as well as more advanced photographers in a very friendly manner. She gets to know everyone’s ability very quickly and is always keen to offer new challenges to take you to the next level. Nothing is too much trouble for her, she knows the reason you have booked the course is to improve your photography and she will go out of her way to ensure you achieve that. I have attended a number of her courses including Dorset, Westonbirt, Waterfalls and Coastal landscapes of Wales and several in the Cotswolds. I have just returned from a pleasant few days in the Lake District (April, 2013). Images are critiqued sympathetically and suggestions for improvement given. Locations are well researched and the best spots always found. A lot of hard work is put into doing this prior to the course thus making it a very enjoyable experience for participants. Well done, Sarah.

By Jim Gibson: A huge thank you for another excellent workshop up in the beautiful Lake District. The preparation you and Steve had done was evident, and the care taken to ensure that we got to the best possible locations appropriate to the ‘changeable weather’ we enjoyed. We honestly could not have asked for more from you as organisers. When we discussed our personal goals at the beginning of the workshop, I stated that my need was to re-focus and ‘see’ the image more clearly, in the hope that it would take my landscape photography to the next level. I can say without any doubt that the workshop achieved this and again exceeded my expectations. My composition and the way I approach the image subject now makes sense, and will be easier to replicate in my own practice. To anyone who is considering attending a photography workshop, you must do it. Why?, because to have beautiful locations, expert tuition and the company of kindred spirits will make you a better photographer, no question. As well as being a learning and development opportunity, it is a great ‘break’ from the hustle and bustle of life! Thanks again Sarah, and roll on Exmoor next year ! Kind Regards, Jim

By Hidayat Vasta (H): Thank you for an awesome workshop, the lessons are intensive but are at you own pace, meaning that you will learn a lot over the course of the workshop and you will surprise yourself on how much you actually learn. Sarah has a lot of experience in the field and is a fountain of knowledge who is more than willing to share and take time to enable you to understand fully what she wishes to teach you. I highly recommend the Image Seen workshops, and once again thank you Sarah. 🙂

By Martin Stubbings: I have been on two courses with Sarah so far this year (2012) and have booked 2 more. Her teaching is excellent. She is very conscientious, working her way round the group to see how we are all getting on & making suggestions (some of which I ignored – then realised she was right!) Wanting to improve your landscape photography? You couldn’t do better than book one of her courses!

By Jim Gibson: I have just returned from my second workshop with image seen. This time it was the waterfalls and coast of South Wales. The weather was typically ‘welsh’ with a mixture of rain, wind and showers, but it was evident that Sarah and Steve had done their research, and were able to quickly adapt to the changeable conditions, so that no time was lost to the weather while we were out. I learned so much in the two days about capturing water in all its moving glory! Sarah’s enthusiasm for teaching new skills, and Steve’s passion for the landscape he seems to be at one with are infectious and you can’t help but learn! If you are reading this and have never been on a workshop, or are thinking about it, then simply you must…. You will learn so much and improve your skills and competence. Hmmmmmm, which workshop next…….

By Pauline Gower: The whole weekend was thoroughly energising. There were several locations that required different techniques and there was always someone to help, advise and demonstrate these if needed. I have learned that I need to think more about LIGHT and its importance to a landscape composition. ( Dorset 2011)

By Chris Stock: Martyn Many thanks for a very useful and helpful session. You have certainly put me on the right track using layers in Elements 9 regards Chris

By Clive Ormonde: I have always wanted to go to Westonbirt and ideally at this time of year. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it lived up to my expectations and more. If I had taken one half decent photograph to come home with – and I’m quite hopeful that I have – anything else I got out of it was a bonus. In fact there were several bonuses such as the friendliness, patience, skill and knowledge of the two tutors, the friendliness and sense of cameraderie that quickly developed within the whole group and the almost ideal weather. As long as I mix with photographers I will always learn something new and in this case not only did I do that, but I also gained inspiration, especially from Sarahs enthusiasm and guidance. I thought Sarahs approach was really good and nicely balanced, the group tuition and discussion at the start, gradually leading us to our own devices and doing our own thing with guidance if we needed it in the afternoon. If Sarah could find a way of slowing down time, she would be on to a real winner. The day seemed to pass far too quickly.

By Phil: I was pleasantly surprised that Sarah had critiqued our pre-session shots so thoroughly, giving a real sense of personal tuition from the start. Sarah went on throughout the day giving a high level of tuition. She has a very positive and professional way of critiquing work. I felt corrected, challenged and encourage all at the same time.

By Bruce Russell: I would strongly recommend a workshop with Sarah to anyone looking to improve their photography skills. I really enjoyed the workshop and feel that my skills as a photographer have improved as a result.

By Stewart Broomhall: All the sites chosen were full of photographic potential and all chosen for the correct lighting at the time of day. I found them all very interesting and will certainly return to try my hand on my own. I received lots of help in ‘seeing’ a photograph and having the care to eliminate untidy and distracting objects drilled into me. Also the day was a help to understanding the various pitfalls that would distract from a pleasing photograph. The whole day was most enjoyable and Sarahs’ enthusiasm for the subject was infectious.

By Emma Peter: The workshop was informative and creative. It sparked ideas and gave guidance but also encouraged us to find our own style. The different locations were great and varied. I think I may have discovered a very relaxing new past time.

By Peter Page: Everyone was able to work at their own skill level without fear of peer embarrassment. Any question was answered precisely without jargon. The two leaders were excellent communicators and above all, the weekend was fun!

By Robert Mcdonagh: I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a great day yesterday. I really enjoyed the locations and I think the pointers will really help. I also wanted to thank you for the picnic and general hospitality that you both provided throught the day, it really does make all the difference. I found the workshop excellent, while I am basically technically compentent, my photos did not really stand out, so I was looking to develop my composition and use of light. Sarah was very good at explaining this in an easy to understand way which is exactly what I needed. I will be going back and seeking better light to try and do the locations justice.

By Phil Griffiths: It was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day, helped by good weather and the amazing delights of the Arboretum. It was good to spend a day simply photographing, with expert tutors helping with composition and any technical question. I’m certain that Sarah and Neils advice improved my images significantly.

By Julian Gibson: What a great weekend in Dorset! Scorching weather, wonderful locations and great company. I was really nervous about my lack of ability, and how I would fit in?. Sarah and Rob made me feel at ease right from the start. The advice offered and the way that Sarah got me working towards better imaging was subtle and unobtrusive, but always there if i needed a steer on something. I cannot believe how much my photography has improved in just 2 days. A big thanks also to my colleagues Jenny, Peter and John who were a great help too. Can’t wait for the next one now…..

By Andrea Warrington: I found Sarah’s teaching methods excellent. She was bright, friendly always happy to explain things and obviously extremely talented. Her enthusiasm for photography was infectious and she is easy to listen to.

By David Gosling: I really loved the day it was excellent, most I have learnt so far. Sarah’s style is excellent and removes the pro/amateur barrier. Whereas with some others I have felt a bit intimidated, with Sarah I felt very at ease and was able to relax and enjoy the day. The group size of 6 made it feel I got plenty of personal input from Sarah and Neil and so delivered tuition at the level I needed rather than one size fits all.

By Kath Wright: I have enjoyed the most fantastic experience as a result of winning an English Garden magazine photography competition last year. Part of the prize was to have one-day’s private tuition with photographer Sarah Howard at Westonbirt Arboretum and a stay at the adjacent Hare and Hounds Hotel. Although the weather could have been a little warmer at this time of year it did not detract from the most amazing day with Sarah and to see where her photos of the Arboretum have been taken; her book of the Arboretum is truly amazing. I am a novice when it comes to photography and did not imagine for one minute that I was going to win so I was somewhat apprehensive as I thought Sarah might feel she had her work cut out! I had been asked to provide some of my photos as I wished to focus on composition and we spent a good hour over coffee discussing what to look for in a photo and to appreciate how light is so important, let alone the positioning of key features. This also helped to calm me down and not wish to rush into what turned out to be a full-on day. We walked out to the main Arboretum and spent nearly an hour just at one tree, which turned out to be one of Sarah’s favourites. I learnt so much from avoiding low branches and sprawling thin twigs, to off-setting the main trunk, not including the sky if it isn’t relevant, and using the camera’s histogram. Above all else I learnt to take my time, which might sound obvious to everyone, but until you have this pointed out it really does have an impact on the finished photo. With winter having gone on for what seems forever, the display of magnolias was a couple of weeks behind and the camellias were past their best. However, we did find a couple of magnificent examples and I was able to take a few shots putting all that I had learnt from the day into action. I would recommend anyone to take up the opportunity of the workshops that Sarah runs; she is very patient, extremely knowledgeable and very keen to share her experiences with you. I now look at my photographs in a very different way and I am very pleased with my results. I would be interested to know how far we walked!!

By David Gebler: (Mon 8th Feb 2010) “Hi Sarah, Thank you for the one to one on the 7th Feb 10, although we were set for a full day, I have gained in the half day we did (due to weather), a much better and wider understanding of both landscape photography and my camera. Your patience to get across the technical elements of photography in a way I could understand was great. I have come way with renewed enthusiasm, and am looking forward to complete the workshop”

By Neil Protheroe: (Thu 5th Nov 2009) We enjoyed a really good workshop with Sarah at Westonbirt Arboretum on a lovely autumn day. We all learned a great deal about composition and other vital imaging techniques, as well as gaining a better understanding of digital photography and all it has to offer. Sarah is a very professional, personable tutor and our day was more than worthwhile. We are looking forward to the next opportunity to learn from her undoubted expertise.

By James Craner: From: James Craner (Sat 31st Oct 2009 at 00:27) “Sarah Howard took a small group of us out to photograph Westonbirt Arboretum for the day. I felt that I learnt a lot, and the course has definitely improved my landscape photography. As the group was small, Sarah had the time to give some individual as well as group tuition, and I would not hesitate to recommend the course to others, no matter what you skill level is at the moment”

By Adam: (Tue 2nd Jun 2009 at 20:16) “Excellent – you have really inspired me and enabled me to be so much more creative with my photography. “

By Liz: (Tue 7th Jul 2009) “Sarah, thanks for an inspiring couple of days. Your passion for photography was inspirational and your easy going teaching style a definite plus. I have acquired new skills and had fun at the same time. I would definitely recommend Image Seen to anyone who wants to improve their photography.”

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