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Harris and Lewis Photography Workshop and tour

Photograph the breathtaking unspoilt scenery of the Outer Hebrides

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Photograph the diverse scenery of Harris and Lewis

Nestled in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, the Isle of Harris and Lewis offer a diverse and dramatic landscape.

There is a fabulous variety of subject matter here for the photographer. From its rugged coastline, pristine white sand beaches and turquoise blue water to abandoned crofts and ancient standing stones, Harris and Lewis together provide a rich tapestry of subjects waiting to be captured on this four day photography workshop. 

Harris and Lewis’s serene and unspoiled environment, make it an ideal location for landscape photography.  

You will learn…

  • Appropriate camera settings
  • Lens choice
  • Working with the available light
  • Composition techniques
  • Depth of field & focusing
  • Exposure & the histogram
  • Use of filters
  • Shooting in low light
  • Shooting panoramas
  • Long exposures with water

Ability level

  • Suitable for all except the complete beginner

Fitness/Mobility Level

  • Medium – whilst many locations will be close to the vehicle, some walking will be required to get to some of our shooting locations. There will be uneven ground, sometimes steep steps & slippery surfaces to negotiate.


  • Sarah Howard and Neil Milton

Workshop Details

Group Size

Max 7


April 4th - 9th 2025


4 days/5 nights


Deposit 20%

Meeting Place

Harris Hotel, Scott Rd, Tarbert, Isle of Harris HS3 3DL

Photographic Locations

Luskentyre Beach, Callanish Standing Stones, The Golden Road, Mangersta Sea Stacks, Hushinish, Northton Saltings, Seilebost Beach, abandoned Shielings, Loch Bhaltois, Uig Sands, the 'small beach', Isle of Scalpay


4 days of photographic tuition and demonstrations, 5 nights single occupancy ensuite accommodation, breakfast and lunch each day, minibus transportation


Transport to Harris and Lewis, evening meals, personal insurance, equipment insurance


Harris Hotel, Tarbert, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides HS3 3DL

Waiting List

To be informed of new dates or cancellations please click the icon to fill out the waiting list form.


We recommend you take out both personal and equipment insurance.

Improve your Photography skills in the stunning Outer Hebrides

Luskentyre beach

No visit to Harris would be complete without going to Luskentyre beach. Situated on the west coast of the Isle of Harris this beach is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and pristine environment.

With its expansive white sands, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and stunning natural surroundings, it is often cited as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

However Luskentyre is just one of many glorious beaches, lined with fabulous marram grass dunes – perfect for wide vistas as well as detail shots.



The Golden Road

The winding Golden Road which twists and weaves its way through endless little lochs and inlets, is a delight to experience.

Stretching for about 21 miles from Tarbert to Rodel, this road is renowned for its dramatic landscapes, rugged terrain, and remote beauty.

The name “Golden Road” is said to come from the high cost of its construction in the 19th century, but it could also reflect the golden hues of the landscapes and the precious, untouched nature of the surroundings.

The Golden Road offers an unforgettable journey and no end of photographic opportunites.

Mangurstadh Stacks

The Mangurstadh Stacks, also known as the Mangersta Stacks, are an impressive and dramatic set of sea stacks located on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis. 

Rising majestically from the Atlantic Ocean, these towering rock formations have been sculpted by centuries of relentless ocean waves and weathering. They provide a stunning display of nature’s raw power and beauty.

There are many compositions to explore here. The powerful waves crashing against the dramatic rocks add a sense of movement and energy to the scene making for some dynamic images. 

The awe inspiring Callanish Standing Stones

The iconic and mystical Callanish Standing Stones are a remarkable and iconic prehistoric site located on the Isle of Lewis. These ancient stones, dating back to the Neolithic period, making them over 4,000 years old.  They form one of the most impressive and well-preserved Neolithic monuments in Europe.

The site comprises a central stone circle, with a cruciform arrangement of stones radiating outwards, creating a striking and enigmatic presence in the landscape. It is a truly awe inspiring place.

We will be visited here at sunrise when the light casts dramatic shadows and highlights the texture and form of the stones.

Learn to use filters

This workshop is designed to help you hone your landscape photography skills in all weathers, amidst some of the most unspoiled scenery in the world. 

The Outer Hebrides are known for their rapidly changing weather, which can provide dramatic skies and moody atmospheres, perfect for capturing the wild essence of the landscape. 

Filters are an important part of landscape photography and we’ll be using them frequently to help us with exposure and also capturing motion as we try our hand at some long exposures with both moving water and clouds.

Join us for an immersive photographic journey on Harris and Lewis. 

Upcoming Harris and Lewis Photography workshops

After eight years of attending photography workshops around the UK, I have to say that I've yet to meet anyone to match Image Seen. Excellent locations, great organisation and a light-hearted approach at a very fair price all backed up by deep, deep knowledge of the craft itself together with the ability to convey that knowledge in a way which is understandable even to a complete novice.
David Filmer

Harris and Lewis Photography Workshop - General Information

The workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their photography so photographers of all levels of experience are welcome. It is not suitable for the complete beginner.

We will give you both practical and technical advice, as well as individual guidance and hands on demonstrations in the field.

Aside of helping you choose the best camera settings, we will also look at composition, developing your vision and the use of various filters.

I will be on hand to provide as much support, advice or guidance as you want.

We will meet on the early  evening of the 4th April for introductions and a programme brief before dinner. Our photography commences the next morning with a dawn shoot and runs through until sunset on the final day. 

Our itinerary is determined by the weather and light conditions we find each day. We will visit a number of locations over the course of the workshop which will offer you numerous challenges and allow you to fully explore your creative potential. 

With early starts and late finishes, the days will be long so we will be taking a break during periods of very bad weather or otherwise in the middle of the day so you do not feel like you are on a boot camp!

There will also be time to review and critique your images and the opportunity to discuss them together as we look back on our photography.

The workshop has a relaxed format and is designed to be enjoyable as well as well as educational, so aside of improving your photography you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings and most importantly have fun! 

A minimum of 6 photographers is required for this workshop to proceed. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS until I give the go ahead.

A 9 seater minibus will be provided to take us between locations each day. Transport to Harris is not included. The ferry from Uig, Skye to Tarbert, Harris takes only 90 minutes on the CalMac ferry. Please note that ferry crossing times for spring 2025 have yet to be released by CalMac.

The charming Harris Hotel in Tarbert is our base for this workshop. Each participant will have their own ensuite room and breakfast is included each morning. 

Moderate – A reasonable level of fitness and mobility is required. Some steep slopes, potential slippery rocks on beaches and uneven ground.

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera ideally with both wide angle and telephoto lenses
  • Tripod
  • Cable/remote release
  • Whilst not essential, you will benefit from bringing neutral density graduated filters; a polariser and a neutral density filter.
  • A rain cover for your camera.
  • A laptop and card reader is very useful to select and review your images for the purpose of our image critiques but not essential. 


Before buying any equipment or if you are unsure of what to bring, please email sarah@imageseen.co.uk for more information.

Please ensure that you insure your photographic equipment. It is also recommended that take out personal insurance in case you need to cancel.

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