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As a Kase Filters partner if you purchase anything through my links I will get a small commission, but at no extra cost to you.

For many years I used LEE Filters for my own photography and was generally quite happy with them. That was until I was introduced to Kase Filters, and, since switching around 3 years ago I have never looked back.

The Kase Wolverine series filters are ranked as some of the best optically by independent reviews and have won numerous awards and it’s easy to see why.

I use the K9 slot system but as well as this, there is also a circular system available for those who don’t use graduated filters and are looking for something more compact. They are available in handy sets which consist of stackable neutral density filters and a circular polariser.

Why I use Kase Filters

Quite simply Kase Filters are the best filters I have come across. Their robust construction and lightweight design gives extra durability and peace of mind when out in the field, plus they perform well, whatever the weather conditions.

They will last

Kase filters are made of toughened  (Pro HD glass) which means that, although not indestructible, they are more likely than any other glass filter to withstand dropping from a height of around 1 metre onto a hard surface. This has been proven to me when one of my clients dropped a graduated filter onto a pier, with no damage.

They have no colour cast

In the past I have experienced colour casts using certain filters, particularly ND filters which when making a long exposure, left the image with a strong blue cast. Unlike many other filter brands Kase have no colour cast so you can use ND filters and graduated filters with confidence knowing that colours will stay neutral. So no more magenta or green skies, or blue images!

Kase Filters UK Partner - Image Seen

They are scratch resistant and easy to clean

When it comes to keeping filters clean and free of smears it can be a problem and this was one of  the things I found really annoying. Kase Filters are made of special metallic nano electro-coated glass which means they are very quick and easy to clean as well as being water repellent and scratch resistant.

There is no vignetting

Vignetting is often an issue when using filters as sometimes they don’t sit far enough back on the lens. This is not a problem with Kase. It’s brilliant design means the K9 holder can hold three 2mm 100mm filters with no vignetting up to 14mm on a full frame camera.

They offer superb optical quality

The high quality glass that Kase Filters are made of will not affect image sharpness so you can be confident that your photograph will not be affected by using them.

They are easy to use

The 90mm circular polariser and other circular filters are magnetic. This saves a lot of time and faffing around screwing on filters. The innovative holder system comes complete with a magnetic rear mounted circular polariser which is adjusted with the use of a little wheel on the side of the holder. It’s brilliant to use.

The new fully magnetic Armour system

The new Kase Armour holder system offers the best of both Kase filters systems providing the speed and simplicity of the magnetic circular filters, with the versatility of 100mm filters. The magnetic frames mean that you can use the system with your existing Kase Wolverine 100mm filters. The new circular Neutral Density filters reduce light leaks, and, in combination with the Armour Holder, further protect the ND filter from accidents as well as the weather.

Aside of using Kase Filters myself, as a Kase ambassador I have a number of filters available for my clients to use on my workshops so that they can try them for themselves. I highly recommend Kase Filters to anyone looking for a high quality, durable system that gives superb results.


Kase Armour system entry level kit

Do you need help deciding which filters you should buy?

I have over 15 years’ worth of experience in using filters so if you would like more information on Kase Filters, and which ones to buy, please contact me.

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