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Carefully laid out within a beautiful Grade One listed historic landscape, Westonbirt arboretum is one of the finest collections of temperate trees and shrubs in the world. Covering an area of approximately 600 acres, it is home to 3,000 different species of trees and over 16,000 individual specimens.

You will learn…

  • Techniques and considerations of close ups
  • ICM
  • Zoom bursts
  • Panning
  • Multiple exposures
  • Working with light
  • Composition
  • Depth of field
  • Use of filters

Ability level

  • Intermediate plus – please call to discuss

Fitness level

  • Moderate – some walking required, mostly over flat ground


  • Andy Page

Workshop Details

Group Size

Max 6


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One day
9:15 - 4:45pm


Deposit 30%

Meeting Place

Westonbirt Arboretum Tetbury

Main Photographic Locations

The Old Arboretum


One full day of photographic tuition and demonstrations, admission


Transport to and from Westonbirt, personal insurance, equipment insurance, lunch


Not included.

Waiting List

To be informed of new dates or cancellations please click the icon to fill out the waiting list form.


We recommend Staycation Plan for travel and equipment insurance. Click icon for more info.

Learn Creative Photography in the Lovely Westonbirt Arboretum

Rare and Beautiful Plants

Planted in the heyday of Victorian plant hunting in the mid-19th century the arboretum was established in 1829 by Robert Holford. Fascinated by rare and beautiful plants, Holford helped finance expeditions to collect specimens from around the world. It is now managed by the Forestry Commission. ills and from the moor, where wild ponies and highland cattle can often be found grazing, there are spectacular panoramic views to be found.

Creative Image Making

Containing a host of rare and exotic trees and shrubs from across the globe, Westonbirt provides us with numerous opportunities for some wonderfully creative image making. Although most famous for its autumn colours, it is a delight to explore all year round with no shortage of image making possibilities.

Develop your creative photography

This one day workshop is designed to help you look beyond the obvious and develop your creative eye as together we find new ways of interpreting Westonbirt. With a fondness for abstracts, and finding new ways of representing subject matter, tutor Andy Page is well placed to help you to learn to see traditional scenes in a new light, and with a maximum of just six on each workshop you are ensured of plenty of individual help and guidance.

ICM, Zoom Bursts & Multiple Exposures

We will look initially at details with the emphasis on capturing shape, form and texture with some fabulous exotic barks, exquisitely shaped leaves and delicate flower heads as our subject matter. We will then move on to look at the techniques of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), zoom bursts, and multiple exposures which provide an opportunity for the creation of some unique images. Experimentation is key here and you will be encouraged to find your own way of capturing the subject, taking your photography to new levels. It’s both fun and challenging as you discover the artist within you.

Upcoming Westonbirt Photography workshops

Westonbirt Arboretum Photography Workshop - General Information

This workshop is aimed at those looking to become more creative with their camera, though the use of ICM (Intentional Camera Movement), long exposures and multiple exposures. It will also focus on producing close up captures, utilising graphics, patterns and colour. You should have a good understanding of your camera and be confident with it before attending the workshop. If you are in any doubt if the workshop is suitable for you please call Andy on 07941 872298 to discuss. You will receive both practical and technical advice, as well as individual hands on guidance. There will also be demonstrations in the field.

We will meet at 9:15am at Westonbirt Arboretum for introductions and a brief of the day before commencing. Please ensure you are there promptly – the gates open at 9am. There will be a break for lunch for 45 minutes (not included) The workshop will finish at approximately 4:15pm.

You will need to make your own way to and from Westonbirt. Once at the venue the entire day will be spent on foot.

A reasonable degree of fitness is required. The majority of the walking is on flat ground but the arboretum is quite extensive.

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera ideally with both wide angle and telephoto lenses
  • Tripod
  • Cable/remote release
  • Whilst not essential, you will benefit from bringing neutral density graduated filters; a polariser and a neutral density filter.
  • A rain cover for your camera.

Before buying any equipment or if you are unsure of what to bring, please email sarah@imageseen.co.uk for more information.

Unless stated otherwise, group workshops will only operate with a minimum of four photographers. In the event of your workshop being cancelled by Sarah Howard due to there being less than four participants your payment will be refunded in full including your deposit.

Please ensure that you insure your photographic equipment. It is also recommended that you take out personal insurance in case you need to cancel. 

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