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Whether you are a complete beginner, a keen amateur or just getting to grips with a new camera, we can help you to get the most from your camera and improve your photography.

Buachaille Etive Mor, Glen Etive, Scotland, UK

Stunning locations

All our landscape photography workshops & tuition takes in a variety of stunning scenery. The locations are carefully researched and chosen specifically for their photographic potential to challenge and inspire you.

Sarah Howard, owner and tutor at Imageseen photography workshops and courses, giving instruction to a participant.

Expert Guidance

Our tutors are experts in their field and all have a passion for landscape photography. Our aim is simple; to inspire and encourage you to grow and develop your skills and take your photography to the next level.

Participants on one of our Glencoe Landscape Photography Workshops - Image Seen.

Hands on Tuition

All tuition is on location and very much hands-on with small groups or privately. Our group workshops are limited to six or eight, with two tutors for larger groups. We always ensure you get dedicated help when needed.

The workshop was outstanding – instructive, helpful, stimulating and good fun, all at the same time. I came away a better photographer, and with my enthusiasm for photography refreshed.

Informal And Fun!

Hi, I’m Sarah Howard; a UK based landscape photographer and owner of Image Seen. I love sharing my passion and knowledge and helping others improve their photography in beautiful inspiring locations.

Develop Your Vision​

Are you looking to develop your photographer’s eye? Our workshops are designed to not only enable you to explore and get the most from your camera, and thereby improve your technique, but also to encourage your creativity.

  • Improve your compositional skills
  • Create images with impact
  • Master your camera

I found Sarah's teaching methods excellent. She was bright, friendly, always happy to explain things and obviously extremely talented. Her enthusiasm for photography is infectious.

Sarah Howard, photographer and owner of Image Seen Photography Workshops.

We believe learning should be fun. As such, our workshops are informal and relaxed, and designed to be an enjoyable experience with like minded people. Many of our clients return time and time again and have made lifelong friends in the process.

Photograph inspirational and dramatic scenery

Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, we have a workshop to suit you

Our landscape photography workshops take in some of the most varied and stunning scenery in the UK and Europe.

All the locations are carefully researched and chosen for their photographic potential to both challenge and inspire you. Workshop locations in the UK include, the Cotswolds, Dorset, the Lake District, Glencoe, Northumberland, the North Yorkshire coast, South Wales, Cornwall and Exmoor. In Europe we also have group workshops in Slovenia and Italy.

Take a look at our entire range of locations

Just completed my 10th workshop with Sarah in the Yorkshire Dales. It was brilliant - well planned and organised, beautiful locations and great company. I would certainly recommend Image Seen workshops if you want to improve your landscape photography and get to grips with your cameras.

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August 7th - 9th 2024

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September 21st - 28th 2024

Glencoe & Glen Etive
November 7th - 10th 2024

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